My Review of the forthcoming book “Fads, Fakes, and Frauds”

Psychology Gone Wrong

Marvin Ross, medical writer/publisher, author ofAnti-Psychiatry and the UN Assault on the Mentally Illand blogger at Mind You Reflection on Mental Illness, Mental Health and Life wrote a short review of my new forthcoming book Fads, Fakes and Frauds: Exploding Myths in Culture, Science and Psychotherapy.

“In 2015, I had the pleasure of favourably reviewing Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Side of Science and Therapy by Tomasz Witkowski and Maciej Zatonski. Since then, I’ve been anxiously waiting for him to write more. His latest book, Fads, Fakes, and Frauds, has been worth the wait. Since 2015, the amount of disinformation has increased considerably and, thanks to the Internet, that disinformation is spreading faster than ever before.

We tend to take at face value much of what we are told by “experts” without ever looking at the evidence and governments buy-in and fund all manner of strategies that…

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