Dawson Books and Videos

internThe Intern (novel) –  Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, 1996

re-issued by Bridgeross Communications 2011First published by Macmillan Canada 1996, released as paperback, Bridgeross Communications 2008:  During the tumultuous sixties, Dr. Robert Snow interns in a big city hospital. Dawson lets his readers feel the triumphs and tragedies, the exhausting, overwhelming experiences of hospital life and death. Set against the social upheavals of 67/68 the author once again gives us vital characters struggling in an ambiance that rings all too true.  Available on Amazon and Chapters (Kobo)


Slide in All Direction (novel) – Bridgeross Communications, 2008From the author of the critically acclaimed novels, Last Rights & Double Blind, (St. Martin’s Press) comes a new story of crime, addictions, mental illness, love and family, set in the decaying urban center of an old manufacturing city. -“Dawson’s vital characters and the ambience of his city and institutional scenes earn him respect as the author of both a superb mystery and a compelling novel.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – “..a medical mindblower. Dawson proves a surehanded competitor of Robin Cook.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.  Available on Amazon and Chapters (Kobo)  Read Reviews

DLDDon’t Look Down (novel) – Bridgeross Communications, 2009Four men, age 18 to 81, have murdered, and now share a room in the secure forensic psychiatry ward of a mental hospital. Who better to get inside their heads, and find both the tragedy and comedy of their lives than Canadian psychiatrist and novelist David Laing Dawson. Three of Dawson’s previous novels, Last Rights, Double Blind, and Essondale have been published in seven European countries, the US and the UK. Dawson’s novels have been described as a cross between Elmore Leonard and Seinfeld and as close to reality as it gets.  Available on Amazon and Chapters (Kobo)

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