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The Generation (of males) That Never Grew Up

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Image by kai kalhh from Pixabay

Once per month we host openings at our art gallery, with music and wine and food, and a few years ago a man attended, looked around and concluded that this was the right demographic and asked me if we would like to offer our guests samplings of craft ale. “Wow,” I said, “Free beer. Where were you when I was 18?”


Meanwhile our Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, the one with his middle aged body always straining against his white shirt, clearly retains the priorities of an 18 year old male:

  • Cheap beer. (free would be better)
  • Beer available in every corner store, at all hours.
  • No more police raiding our tailgate and bush parties.
  • Higher speed limits.
  • Cheap gas.
  • Fewer teachers.
  • Larger classes (no one notices when you skip class or look at porn)
  • Fewer silly artsy classes.

And who needs ambulances, trees, day care, endangered species, cooler climate and health care if you have cheap beer?

And then I see that it’s not just Elon Musk who wants to visit the moon. Branson and Bezos as well. With all the money and resources at their disposal the best these billionaires can come up with is flying a rocket to the moon? Perhaps becoming honorary colonels in Trump’s Space Force? A cool idea when you’re 18 and you have not yet noticed our population is inching toward 8 billion and our planet is suffocating.

And then we have derogatory nicknames and ill founded declarations of extremes and of certainties flowing from the mouths of politicians. “It’s a disaster.” “The worst.” Taunts and threats and chest beating. It is High School all over again.

There is one irony in all this I just noticed. The man who lost over a billion dollars “building” hotels and golf courses and grand casinos in the decade between 1985 and 1994, is now reduced, in his building ambitions at least, to erecting a tax payer funded wall.

Meanwhile, we are now able to serve samples of an exquisite assortment of craft ales at our gallery openings during which we sometimes engage in intelligent adult conversation.