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Donald Trump and the Mind of an Adolescent

By Dr David Laing Dawson

ownersmanualThe friends and family of Donald Trump should have intervened a year ago, as I hope my friends and family will do if I ever decide to try something for which I do not have the skills, knowledge, history or temperament. He has made a fool of himself. And at some point, that is going to really hurt.

It is sadly remarkable how far he has come in this race while being a clown, shouting slogans, inanities, lies, slander, and incomprehensible half-sentences. Let us pray he inflicts no lasting damage to American democracy when he loses in November.

The third debate is being picked apart by pundits both professional and amateur. I have little to add, except …

Once again Trump has demonstrated that he has the temperament, language skills and emotional age of a teenager.

“No one respects women more than I do.” This is a particular and entirely unnecessary hyperbole one hears from adolescents. “No one likes pizza more than I do.” It is, on face value, a ridiculous claim, and the kind of hyperbole that only rolls off the tongue of someone whose awareness of others (and himself) is very limited.

It is also an example of the Big Lie, when the hole is too gaping to be bridged with a small lie.

The leaders of ISIS may have fled Mosul in anticipation of the Kurdish and Iraqi forces attacking. Donald tells us MacArthur, and Patton would be embarrassed by the lack of secrecy in planning this operation. “How stupid can they be.” He went on in this vein. And what I heard was the experience, the knowledge, the strategic thinking about warfare of a teenage boy. A knowledge based on movies set in the old west and before the telegraph. Electing Trump really would be giving the role of Commander-in-Chief to an impulsive teenager who watched George C. Scott play Patton and learned all the wrong lessons.

“She’s a nasty woman.” Point at her, make a face of distaste. Put it on Facebook; start a, well, “nasty” rumour in High School.

Then there is blaming Hillary for not creating a tax code that could prevent him from avoiding paying taxes. That was a good one. And it did remind me of teenagers who steal. I have heard them say that it was really the store’s fault for not having sufficient security. “If they leave it out like that, what do you expect?”

Deny saying what millions of people heard you say just a few days ago. Again, who but an adolescent can convince himself of this kind of revision of reality?

And finally, the horrifying statement that he may or may not accept the outcome of the election. There it is. That alone should disqualify this man from running for office in a democracy. Self aggrandizement, putting himself, and the welfare of his ego, above the democratic process, with a hint of blackmail. It is the hint of blackmail that reminded me once again of the teenage brain. “I’ll only go to school if…”

That’s it. No more. Let us pray Donald J. Trump slips into oblivion and we can all recover from the obsession he has created. And let us pray that democracy and civilization can survive him.