A Tuesday Morning Prayer for the US Election

Dr David Laing Dawson

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Dear Americans. Please give Joe Biden an overwhelming victory this week.

My selfish reason for this prayer is that I cannot tolerate Donald Trump occupying so much real estate in my mind for the next 4 years.

For less selfish reasons, 4 more years of Trump will do irreparable damage to the largest democracy in the world, to the world of western democracies, and to the world as a whole, including the world of my grandchildren, to say nothing of the planet itself.

(Did you know the Trump administration, in just 4 years, has quietly enacted a total of 75 measures that negatively impact the environment and increase the likelihood of rapid global warming?)

Some scholars and pundits think the damage is already irreparable. And certainly a narrow victory by Biden will lead to months of unrest, uncertainty, and, possibly, consequences almost as bad as those of a Trump victory.

I will be content, over the next few years, to ponder, think about, research and write about our human tendency to join cults and blindly follow poisonous leaders, but, please, as an historical phenomenon and from an academic distance. Please.

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