By Dr David Laing Dawson

In most unfolding human disasters, in my lifetime and historically, it is difficult to ascertain a time, a moment, a place, when the actions of one person could have made a difference, could have changed the course of an unfolding disaster.

But this is one of those rare moments. Simply put as a request:

“President Trump, please call President Erdogan and tell him to stop. Say it simply and firmly. Do it now before it is too late. Then quickly return two hundred or two thousandĀ  American advisors, experts, medical personnel and soldiers to the border towns, encampments, prison camps of Northern Syria.”

You made a mistake giving Erdogan the green light, for reasons only you and Erdogan might understand. You can rectify this with a phone call.

3 thoughts on “Disasters

  1. Events are overtaking American influence at this point (October 16, 2019). Syrian and Russian troops are on their way to Northern Syria, allied with the Kurds. Turkey will likely destroy what they can in the meantime and then retreat. Erdogan as of today says there will be no stopping their aggression unless Kurds retreat to the South. I believe he will be forced to withdraw regardless by a Russian presence near Turkey-Syria border. Turkey cannot cope with a war with both Syria and Russia.

    Turkey has been a member of NATO alliance since 1952. Think about that. Turkey is a dictatorship and rogue member. The whole European Union and NATO alliance needs a rethink — it has become too large and unmanageable. Canada also needs to reassess our participation in NATO. This is much bigger than Trump. We could be on the verge of World War III. Erdogan must be told in no uncertain terms that NATO will not come to his rescue if he continues to provoke the Russian bear. It is Erdogan who is the man of the hour. He can lose face and withdraw, or watch his country go up in smoke.


    1. Your geopolitical analysis is more sophisticated than mine, Mary, but that little Syrian enclave of Kurds had aspirations to become a gender equal democratic state and for them to be abandoned to the Turks by DT is simply bad, immoral, cruel and wrong.


    2. I agree with Dawson on this Cruel. And suspicious are his clumsy motives and the clear winner is Russia. Time for this man to be gone from the presidency. A bull in a china shop. Contrast his level of knowledge with that of speaker Pelosi.


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