Quebec is Making a Mistake and I am Ready for Legalized Marijuana

By Dr David Laing Dawson

It is not just an irony but also a lesson when we find the province of Canada most endowed with a religious past, the province with years of government entanglement, even co-dependency, with the Catholic Church, the province that still has a sculpted image of a crucified man hanging behind the Speaker’s Chair in the Legislative Assembly, that it is that Province that has passed a law banning the display of religious symbols by public workers.

Extremism breeds extremism.

As an old atheist, and one who can claim to be at least three generations away from any serious belief in an all mighty, I had been pleased to see, year after year, statistics Canada reporting a gradually increasing percentage of us with no church affiliation. This didn’t just mean less magical belief in the incredibly flawed messages of the bible, the infallibility of priests and popes, but an increasing faith in our own ability as a democratic nation to choose the nature of our own social contract, and allow it to evolve with increasing heart and generosity, fairness and inclusivity.

And I must admit, as the numbers of atheists grew and the churches emptied, I was dismayed to see a whole new set of religious symbols walking our streets and pandering to another ancient text as flawed as the bible. But, but, I thought, give them time, a generation or two, a broad liberal education, a chance to see how we can come together and form a generous, safe, enriching social contract of our own, without the need of old myths and the purgatory of absolute moralities.

And that social contract, as contrary as this idea seems, should and must include the freedom to wear harmless religious symbols.

My Quebec friends, you are taking the wrong path. Outlawing such symbols gives them more amulet status, more symbolic power. It hardens the heart.

A head scarf is just a head scarf until you pass a law that it either must or must not be worn.

And if that is not enough: why I am ready for legalized marijuana? :

Kenney in Alberta flirts with a proposal that smells a lot like “Stand your Ground.”

I have no idea what Philpott, Wilson-Raybould or Trudeau have done or are doing, or why they are doing it.

The Republicans launch investigations into the investigation.

Brunei decrees Stoning as punishment for gay sex.

Michael Avenatti is Breaking Bad.

The social media world is upset someone cut a bagel differently.

British politicians stumble drunkenly toward a cliff marked Bloody Obvious.

B.C. has given close to half a million dollars to an anti-vaccination group.

Betsy and Donald want to cut funding for Special Olympics.

Caitlan Coleman met Joshua Boyle in a Star Wars forum.

Female astronauts can’t go for a walk together because they’ve got nothing to wear.

30% of the citizens of the Congo think the Ebola virus is a hoax.

The FAA delegated airline safety certification to Boeing.

And we may get 5.8 more years of Donald Trump.

10 thoughts on “Quebec is Making a Mistake and I am Ready for Legalized Marijuana

  1. Happy April Fool’s Day. Ironically some of these examples could make good material for April Fool’s day jokes.


  2. LOL! I totally agree with your analysis that this dysfunctional and frightening world is in dire need of legalized marijuana.

    However, I must disagree with your opinion of Bill 21, the Quebec government’s legislation to ban the wearing of religious symbols for some public sector employees.

    I find that this Bill is contrary to everything that I hold dear from the essence of Canada to the principles of our Constitution and Charter. Not to mention, that the culture and society of Quebec has time and again proven itself to be perhaps the most bigoted and racist in Canada.

    Unfortunately, I must also accept the reality of the world at present. The good are losing. The truly democratic and egalitarian people around the world have been unable to reduce let alone stop extremism in all faiths, politics, or cultures. The hijab is NOT even mentioned in the Quran, it is the product of misogynist, violent, and rape culture of the Arabs. And, since the Saudis control all Islamic doctrine, practice, and analysis, the hijab has become synonymous with faith and feminism. It is neither.

    The Cross and the Prince of Peace have been claimed as the domain of white supremacy and Christian Identity movements. The example of Jesus Christ that was written by others, has little resemblance to the anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry of men like Reverend Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Bob Jones, or the litany of others that lead the right-wing Christian movements around the world.

    Judaism has always suffered from the bigotry and violence of those that hate their peoples. However, from men like Rabbi Meir Kahane to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Jewish faith has been radicalized, racialized, and warped. The policies and practices of the ultra-conservative and extremist Jews has allowed for draconian and amoral policies and practices. This is not in keeping with the teachings or principles of Judaism.

    The turban was once a symbol of peace and tolerance embodying the teachings of their founder Guru Nanak. That time has past. Today, the globalism espoused by Guru Nanak has been replaced by the rabid Sikh-supremacist teachings of Guru Goban Singh. And, from our Minister of Defence to the leader of the NDP, we have not heard any clear renunciation of the violence, terrorism, and hate that is now a dominant part of Sikhism. The turban colour, fabric, and wrapping style are all part of excluding those Sikhs, who like Christians and Muslims, who are opposed to the radicalization and politicization of faith.

    The Hindus in India and the Buddhists in Myanmar have become the exemplars of how the doctrine of any faith can be warped to militarize, radicalise, and incentivize terrorism in any society. From Hindus freely lynching anyone they accuse of disrespecting or eating a cow, to the Buddhist whose most prominent leaders in Myanmar demand violence and rape for any non-Buddhist citizens.

    So, whether it is the beards, Arab dress, or hijabs of Islam that allow the Wahabis, Salaphists, and Deobandi to threaten every nation around the world. Or the cross, turban, or markings of any other faith from Buddhism to Hinduism, that foster a sense of unspoken supremacy and division, we must act. Tolerance and accommodation for others is based on the idea that even if they are offensive in their speech, their actions will not be allowed to threaten or harm others.

    Quebec is doing what is necessary, albeit for the most abominable of reasons. If we can at least keep these extremists out of our public sector, they cannot shape our nation to their various needs and intentions.

    I realize that this incredibly intellectually and morally hypocritical on my part. However, I have seen in my life time, America return to the Jim Crow era, Canada become a nation of anti-intellectualism and mindless accommodation, and England now has vast communities that are radicalized based on race, religion, or culture.

    If these laws stem the advance of these threats, then when humanity regains its sanity and decency, we can revert to the trust and openness implicit in the Canada of Pierre Trudeau and Joey Smallwood. But, until then, this is an existential threat to our nation.


    1. Pierre Trudeau told Saskatchewan farmers to eat S…..My uncle was so enraged that he drove his tractor all the way to Regina with a bunch of other farmers. Pierre Trudeau also drove his open top convertable around Montreal at a time when my father was flying missions over Europe. So many did not come back. Pierre Trudeau was known for his negative attititude towards women and indigenous people. I still do not understand why Pierre Trudeau is held in such respect by many.


      1. Kathleen, your purposefully out of context and false attacks on Pierre Trudeau are not in keeping with your usual opinions that are based on a critical analysis of history or politics albeit with a consciously conservative bias. I am saddened to hear of the experience of your father and the rest of your family. But, the sacrifices of our troops should never be politicized. And, if you are appalled by PM Pierre Trudeau telling Saskatchewan farmers to “eat sh#t” then you must similarly be outraged by PM Mulroney, PM Chretien, PM Campbell, PM Harper, and PM Justin Trudeau’s policies that are far more abominable than any profanity that is referenced purely for emotional effect. If your values are so offended by any of the policies of PM Pierre Trudeau in regard to women, indigenous people, and small farmers, then you literally have no one to vote for in our next election. And, neither do I. Cheers.


    2. Thanks. Made me smile. I usually try to defend Quebec’s preoccupation with headgear because they really did an amazing job during the quiet revolution of separating church and state, and finally getting robed priests and nuns out of their schools and hospitals. But if they’re still displaying crucified Jesus in the legislature, this should be loudly pointed out each time they attack soccer-playing teenage girls and others for wearing headscarves!’


  3. You have quite made my day. DR .D.

    As for the Brits heading for the cliff called “Bloody Obvious,… I nearly fell off my throne.

    To keep on going I use the “KBO” slogan that Churchill was given to fling about. Go figure. Bleak is the nonsense that is going around. And now Trump is really off his leash. As Anthony Newly sang ” Stop the World iI want to get off” What a merry go around ! Keep ……… on DR.D. you are doing just fine.


  4. Either during Expo 67 or shortly after I was dragged into a political meeting by a staunch Liberal friend…. A young lawyer was explaining how Canada should be built as a mosaic of cultures , and should never become a melting pot like our Neighbour to the South, The Indian Act was mentioned and criticized, he wanted the First nations people to be part of the mosaic with the same rights as the newcomers.. I tried tto find the word “mosaic” or “mosaique” on the web, ! It came up but with the name Justin Trudeau.. History is written and re-written all the time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pierre Trudeau that night told us that the rewerves were discriminatory… !!!


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