Trudeau Should Take Some Lessons from Trump

By Dr David Laing Dawson

And God said, “Let them be mean, nasty, and stupid so that I will be entertained.” And thus it came to be.

Four thousand years later I am watching the beginning of the 2020 race for the title of POTUS whilst thinking our campaign for Student Council President in grade 9 was conducted with more maturity and civility.

But, but, then I find myself wishing Justin had learned a little from the intuitive cunning of Donald Trump.

He, Justin, is allowing SNC-Lavalin to take on the gravitas and baggage of Hillary’s emails. He should be asking himself not what would Jesus do, but what would Donald J. Trump do? Well, not exactly what Donald would do. But leaving out the twitter excesses and inanities, the name calling, the non sequitars, while adding a touch of literacy, he could adopt the basic strategy of Donald.

What would that look like?

Something like this I think: “SNC-Lavalin is a great Canadian company doing engineering projects around the world, contributing to jobs and wealth in Canada, just like Nortel and Massey-Ferguson once did. And they know that do do business in most of this world bribes must be paid to government officials even though it would break a Canadian law. They did this in Lybia. They paid bribes to Lybian government officials. That is how business is conducted in at least three quarters of this world.

They got caught. Fair enough. For the sake of a future world with the social contracts and enlightened laws of a few western nations today, we need to punish Lavalin. But we should do that without punishing either the employees of Lavalin or our own economy.

My office lobbied our justice department to do just that.

Big Deal. Jobs and prosperity for all Canadians. NO COLLUSION!

I won’t be taking questions. Merci.”

8 thoughts on “Trudeau Should Take Some Lessons from Trump

  1. This fiasco is another reminder that politics is still business as usual. Will Trudeau pay for the hypocrisy of his respect for “rule of law”? Perhaps, with a minority government next time around. I am an unhappy Liberal. We may move on, but we don’t forget how the good old boys take care of each other.


  2. Canada under Pierre Elliot Trudeau was based on the values of Tommy Douglas and other progressive socialist democrats. It was a middle power that was always able to punch above its weight because of its history of sacrifice, honour, balance, and rationality. Multiculturalism was not a term to be manipulated by any individual or agency. It was the antithesis of the supremacist “melting pot” theory that founded America. Canadians welcomed all peoples, faiths, and cultures with the understanding that all citizens would be respectful and adherent to the ideas clearly outlined in our Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That is not the case from Mulroney, Chretien, Harper, and now Justin Trudeau.
    I voted for Justin Trudeau because he promised to undo a decade of dismantling of our infrastructure, government, and education and research structures by Harper and the Tories. And, he stated that he would return Canada to the values and character it once held. He has done none of that, in fact, like Trump, Justin plays to any individual, group, or agency that will afford him votes or blind support whether material or otherwise. The First Nations, Black Canadians, and Women have suffered the most prejudice and violence since the formation of Canada up to the present. However, it is not those groups whose flags and colours fly in front of every school, university, or government building, or on sidewalks, crosswalks, police cars and other public domains. Moreover, our educational and research capabilities have not recovered from Harper’s attacks and in fact due to Liberal mismanagement at both Federal and Provincial levels, they are doing even worse. We have lost the gravitas on the world stage that it took generations to build and now because of selfies, buffoonery, blunders, moral cowardice, and most recently the egregious effort to politicize our justice system at the highest levels, Justin Trudeau has assured that the Liberals will at best form a minority government and at worst bring into power Scheer and the Conservatives.
    Of course, bribery and corruption in all sections of human society are a reality whether here in Canada, the US, or any of the less wealthy nations of the world. It is clearly abhorrent when leaders around the world take free trips to the Aga Khan’s island paradise or accept book deals, paid speaking arrangements, Board of Directors positions, or the litany of other self-enrichment avenues that all politicians cultivate for themselves, their families, and their supporters. And so, it is time for emolument laws and regulations to once again give Canada the moral and ethical status that we once held.
    And, as for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he said it best when asked if he would be like his father? “I am my own man”, he replied.
    I had taken months away from reading the news and just started reading a few articles a day as an intellectual exercise. But, now Justin Trudeau has made that utterly untenable, and just like Trump, it is his voters who created this problem and now must correct their mistake in the next election.


  3. Well I am glad that Justin Trudeau is not like Trump and has not powered through this controversy in a bloody minded Trump like way. I do think Trudeau has attempted to skim over the controversy for example saying that JRW was still in cabinet and that indicated that all was well, after which JRW resigned which indicated all was not well. Then when Jane Philpott resigned from cabinet, he tried to skim over that by saying that Jane Philpott had already made her thoughts known to him, as if he were saying it was not a big deal.

    These are two pretty dynamic and principled women and in comparison Justin Trudeau comes across as shallow and hypocritical. I am really disappointed in him. He was not doing to badly as prime minister except he did not follow through with electoral reform. It is also interesting how the “butt grabbing” incident reported in the media ten years or so ago and which had emerged again recently has now literally disappeared.

    Libya is not a particularly nice country and yes corruption exists there and in other places. But if SNC Lavelin broke the law then they should experience the consequences. This company is also alleged to pay for prostitutes to entertain potential customers from other countries. There also is some debate about whether 9000 jobs would be lost.

    So Trudeau and his cronies, Wernick, Butts, and Morneau may have received a powerful message that “might is not right” and that if there is an expectation from principled people that the justice system should not be interfered with that needs to be respected. It might be too late for Trudeau to regain his credibility but the country has observed a shift. Jane Philpott is well respected in the local community and people here are pretty upset. I admire both JWR and Jane Philpott for remaining in the party. That must be tough on them. But a Liberal Party which is able to accommodate the brave stance of these women and collectively re examine its values and move forward is way better than Andrew Scheer.


    1. To Kathleen and MFM. My thin blog was meant to be “tongue-in-cheek” of course, but thank you both for the more serious, thorough, and thoughtful commentary on the same subject.


      1. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day Sonnet 19 last two lines are especially fitting. Keep up the good work in these dreary days !


      2. Correction … I believe it is Sonnet 18. And there is no collusion ,but likely a lot of obstruction. We will see in the mists of time.


    2. Kathleen, I respectfully disagree with your conclusion.
      To put blind faith in party over nation is the road that led the Democrats to choose Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. And as we all know, that brought the world President Donald Trump. For Liberal Canadians, it is essential to put into place safeguards within the party and the government that assure the accountability of politicians, party leaders, and bureaucrats.
      The Conservatives are responsible for their own soul searching. But, as Liberals, we must look back to our own history, and see that Prime Minister Chretien, Premier Dalton McGuinty and Premier Kathleen Wynne are clear evidence of the ethical failures within our own ranks. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown himself and his team to be incompetent at best and liars at worst.
      The US Democratic Party made the same decision that you are asking us to make, in that we should support Justin simply because he is the only way to stop Scheer. Yes, Mr. Scheer is a bigot, ignorant, and playing to the vilest of human conditions. But, unlike Justin, I trust that if he is elected, he will do as he promised in the campaign. And, like Prime Minister Harper, I know that Mr. Scheer will try to remake Canada into an American clone. But we survived Harper and we will survive Scheer.
      The more important thing for the future of the Liberal Party is to return to the roots of leadership that is earned through intellect, experience, and accomplishment rather than a blind cult of personality or infantile belief that problems like 10 years of Stephen Harper can be fixed in a few years.
      The NDP faces their own dilemma, rather than picking a person of substance to fill the vacuum left by the losses of Jack Layton or Tom Mulcair, they chose personality rather than substance. Jagmeet Singh’s lack of suitability for the position is evidenced by his glaring ignorance about world events and policy in numerous recent interviews. Sadly, much like President Trump, Mr. Singh seems not to even read the morning newspaper.
      Returning to our Liberals, Justin may be too entrenched to remove at present, but he should be removed and so should his enablers and lobbyists at all levels of the government and Liberal Party. We cannot build or rebuild Canada when Chretien, McGuinty, Wynne, and now Justin Trudeau show clearly that we are no better than those we deride as being like Trump. Corruption whether intellectual, ethical, or material is a threat to Canada. And, it does not matter whether your banner is Liberal, Conservative, or NDP. Cheers.


  4. Thank you Dr. Dawson for your “tongue in cheek” blog. By reading the comments of readers, I am thinking that it has prompted a meaningul discussion about the current SNC Lavelin controversy and its implications for Canada moving forward.

    And to MFM, I am not a Liberal. Although, I do have many friends who are Liberal. And I also have friends in the other three parties. Over the years, I have come to appreciate that there are stellar and principled people in the Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Green Parties.

    In my opinion, the politicians who shine are the ones who take a chance and step up to the plate and say “this is not right” and then unfortunately are made to face the unpleasant consequences from their colleagues. For example, Liberal MPs are accusing Jody Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott of sabotaging Liberal chances in the October election.

    I totally agree with you that to put blind faith in one party even though you disagree with some of their actions is not helpful in the end.

    The point which I was attempting to make is that if JWR and Jane Philpott were to stay in the Liberal Party, the Party may re-evaluate its values and it could lead to an outcome which better reflects the values of the electorate. As you said, it might be an opportunity to “put into place safeguards within the party and the government, party leaders, and bureacrats”.

    The uproar that this controversy has caused shows that people are not comfortable with the status quo. It looks like entitlement, arrogance, and disdain, all of which is part of “politics as usual”, just doesn’t sit well with people.

    In my dreams, I am hoping that the SNC Lavelin Controversy will be a hugh WAKE UP call that Canada is a democracy and governments, bureaucrats, and party leaders need to LISTEN.

    As you said, “Corruption, whether intellectual, ethical, or material is a threat to Canada”.


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