Dumb as a Rock

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Having lost the centrality and privilege of childhood and now struggling with their own insecurities there is a moment some teens decide, and announce to me, that ALL their peers are stupid, dumb as rocks, and lying. Usually for teens trapped in this moment of narcissistic injury they make one exception. For boys it may be an online friend supporting his complaints in a gaming forum, for girls it is a best friend who goes to a different school.

Usually they grow past this period of developmental disappointment: A combination of time, some success at something, some judicious counselling, the love of a parent, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, and sometimes taking the right medication for excess anxiety.

The analogy with Donald J. Trump is imperfect. For the teenagers their “dumb as rocks” peers comprise a classroom of 30 or a school of 1000. It is the limit of their experience at this age. New acceptable friends are hard to find.

But Donald, for every friend, associate and peer he decides is “dumb as a rock” there are two new friends waiting in the wings for a role in the play, and a chance to be best of buddies.

But the language he uses is the same:the playground accusations, the remarkable hyperbole, the name calling, the self reference, the projections, and the underlying insecurities.

I suspect the only reason Donald’s tweets sometimes sound more sophisticated than a 15 year old complaining to me is that he is quoting some words and numbers from Fox & Friends, as in “the 245 times James Comey told the investigators he didn’t know.”.

As this drama unfolds over the next few months I hope the adults in the room remember we are dealing with a very narcissistic 14 year old with the moral compass of a peanut.

Perhaps we can resurrect Donald’s parents and have Mueller and Congress hand the whole thing off to family court.


7 thoughts on “Dumb as a Rock

  1. Donald Trump made himself a billionaire, built many great hotels, and got himself elected president of the USA without party support. I would say that distinguishes him from a bunch of Holden Cawfield teenagers. There is some other psychology at play when people fail to see the excellence in others whose accomplishments so overwhelm their own, and instead dwelling on peccadilloes. “Moral compass of a peanut?” Really? Rather intolerant not to abide a difference of values, don’t ya think?

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    1. He’s a cunning, dangerous blockhead. What about the number of times he has stumbled into bancrupcy ? Different values you say? What on earth are you talking about? It is time for the pack of cards to topple don’t you think. Or will you still defend the indefensible?


  2. Lets hope they can. .

    But please do not malign peanuts ! He is more stupid than expected given his performance in the Oval Office yesterday. A nutty peanut would be very insulted. tell that to Jimmy Carter. He apparently had to pass on his family peanut farm to avoid a conflict of interest ! Are those were the days…..


  3. There is much more going on here than a difference in values. It appears the only people Mr. Trump trusts are his family. Everyone else is disposable, here today and gone tomorrow. When have we ever seen so much staff turnover at the cabinet level in any administration? Watching the exchange yesterday between the president and democratic leaders was painful. Firstly, press should not have been in the room for these delicate political discussions. Mr. Trump talked over Ms. Pelosi at least a dozen times, listening to nothing and insisting on getting those 10 Democratic Senate votes for his Mexico wall at all costs. He threatens to shut down funding for the government if he doesn’t get his way — the bullying continues. When the school yard bully becomes the leader of the free world, this is more than a Children’s Aid problem. Canada has already struggled with extremely difficult trade negotiations, illogical and illegal trade barriers on steel and aluminum, American Haitians pouring in across the Quebec border, and now an order to arrest and extradite the CEO of a Chinese corporation. This latter issue is damaging our relationship with China and may have resulted in the Chinese detaining a former Canadian diplomat in China in retaliation. Donald Trump leaves chaos and pain in his wake — only this time it isn’t bankruptcy and move on; its disrupt the current world order. We all try to work around him, but actually he does have power and he IS dangerous. Impeachment can’t come soon enough.


  4. Another bunch, dumb as a rock and the moral compass of a peanuthttps://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrCwLCI0RBdeHUAkQIXFwx.;_ylu=X3oDMTByNXQ0NThjBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM1BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1561412105/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fwww.facebook.com%2fGOP/RK=2/RS=U72Ib7K.FCl_cMTtiW.87D1xUlM-

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