Fear and Loathing from Washington

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Some years ago driving from New Orleans to Ontario I was cruising through the bucolic landscape of Kentucky when a talk radio show asked callers about guns. The first caller suggested buying many guns before the government undermined the second amendment. The second caller disagreed. It was ammunition they needed to buy before the government controlled the amount one could purchase. That’s what they would control, he asserted, not guns. And he was ready with his multiple guns and his great store of ammunition. He would be armed and ready on his roof top when those “terr’rists come over the hills.”

It wasn’t the American obsession with guns that struck me so much as the fear and insecurity. I tried to imagine a full company of Islamic terrorists crawling through the blue grass and over the rolling hills of Kentucky. Fear, insecurity, and a total lack of perspective.

More recently I watched some white suburban American women being interviewed. I think three were leaning toward the democrats in this coming midterm, while at least one was a Trump supporter. This was shortly after his “Horseface” comment. When asked why she supported Trump and by extension the Republicans, this woman’s answer was simple and heart felt: “He has kept us safe.” She didn’t say safe from what. Islamic terrorists, hordes of illegal immigrants, North Korean missiles, socialism?

Though I have compared Donald Trump’s brain to that of the less-than-average 14 year-old, there is some evil genius in this mix. Fear, insecurity, and a lack of perspective, perspectives of time, history, impact, and size. These are the characteristics of a population ready to give up on democracy and welcome a tyrant, and Donald Trump is feeding these insecurities on a Paleo diet.

A caravan of Hondurans approaches from the south, and Trump hypes them into a plague of biblical proportions and threatens to send troops to close the border. If you stand in the middle of them, he says, and look around you will see “Middle Easterns” and criminals. Asked for proof of this he boldly says, “There is no proof of anything.” – an ironic admission that he can say and proclaim whatever comes to his mind.

And then he says he is withdrawing from the nuclear arms control deal with Russia.

Now he is scaring me.

So the democrats need to develop some effective counter punching, rather than the platitudes I’ve been hearing. Here are a few:

“Only a horse’s ass would call a woman a horseface.”

“A few hundred or even a few thousand women, children and men from Honduras are not a threat to the American Way of Life. But putting troops on the border and children in cages is.”

“For God’s sake, any control over nuclear proliferation is better than none.”

”Stop dismantling the international agreements that have kept the world from total destruction since 1945.”

“Your anxieties are misplaced. It is not a few Hondurans that will destroy the US of A but climate change, income inequality, racism, isolationism, criminalization of the poor and mentally ill, and unwarranted trust in the Plutocracy of Donald Trump.”

See David Laing Dawson’s latest play on the moral dilemma of resistence


1 thought on “Fear and Loathing from Washington

  1. Yes, Americans are paranoid and that is why most of them want the right to own guns. Maybe we would be too if we faced the levels of crime they do. Democrats need to disarm the gun issue by discussing regulation and better policing, not banning guns. As for arms treaties, if the Russians continually breach these treaties, who bother? It only constrains America from research and gives Russia a technological secret leg up in an arms race which has never stopped. As for immigration, I think Americans have had enough of hispanic immigration and the changing of their Amero-European culture. Go to Vancouver and you will find many old time residents of White European background who resent living in a new place surrounded by Oriental culture. Too much change too fast. Trump projects strength and promises safety and jobs. Democrats need to do the same, but without compromising true values as much as he does.


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