Trump, Dr Ford, and A Warning to Americans

By Dr David Laing Dawson

I wrote a blog before the 2016 election of Donald Trump titled “the mental and emotional age of Donald Trump”. I looked at a range of his behaviours and his speech patterns and considered the age at which such a behaviour would be typical for a boy or man, though not exemplary, not necessarily good, maybe even requiring some parental admonition, just typical. I arrived at an average of 14. Though some Trump statements required a pre-teen brain and some rose at least to 18 year-old jock talk.

A comment someone left on that blog was that I was being generous; it would have to be a particularly entitled and narcissistic 14 year-old.

More recently I listened to Trump mock the testimony of Dr. Ford and then go on about the threat the #MeToo movement poses for fine young men. He took on the voice of a boy talking to his mother about all the hard work he’s done, about being offered a great job, but all this is over because some woman he’s never even met is accusing him of things he’s never done. How terrible this is for men and boys.

I might run across a small group of 14 year old boys with one of them going on in this vein, and two might be laughing, though more at the outrageous display of disregard for propriety than the content itself; another two would be cringing, but unable to break the code of teenage boys to never be a “pussy”.

So the comment was fair. Only a nasty, narcissistic, and probably guilty 14 year-old could talk the way Trump so often talks.

Donald may be but a symptom of some other struggle in your country, my American friends, and I know you have some wide divides that need major bridgework, but he is doing damage to your country, more and more damage each day he has a voice.

They were laughing at him at the U.N. Much of the world is appalled by him and all he represents. He throws oil on your fires; he cozies up to nasty dictators; he is stripping the USA of any moral high ground it ever might have had; he is creating fizzures in your country it may take decades to repair. He has reduced political discourse to a schoolyard brawl and international relations to flea market bartering.

He represents you, my friends, and how we see him we will begin to view you. We don’t care how you see us, you may say, we are better than that. But there is a bit of psychology here you might not like. For gradually, whatever traits we assign to you, you will absorb, you will become.

This midterm you can show the world you are not all Trumpets; you can clip his wings and put him in a tail spin. Please do so.

6 thoughts on “Trump, Dr Ford, and A Warning to Americans

  1. President Trump is now no-longer atypical. Leaders like Mugabe, Gadhafi, and the Ayatollah were dismissed as insane “third world” leaders. Now every Western democracy has a strong populist movement that is following an extremist and isolationist theology. If President Trump is mentally ill, then he should be removed, but that will not happen especially after Justice Kavanaugh now secures his hold of the Supreme Court. And, more importantly, the myth of American greatness supersedes the reality of any accountability for their leaders. Nixon, Clinton and GW Bush are evidence of this narrative.
    The question is that human beings have always been selfish, unethical, and violent creatures. Over 50 million American voted for Trump, and a majority of Canadian voted for a decade of Prime Minister Harper. If the leaders are “mentally ill” and refused to be treated then are their followers also ill, and if so, is this not a global health crisis? What is the proper treatment to make humanity humane?


  2. Wow. Trump is one of the most successful President’s ever – great economic growth, great unemployment stats, no new wars, detente with North Korea. You are so very wrong about him. It’s like you people cannot see reality. SHOCKING!! VOTE GOP as if your life depended on it, b/c it does. Clearly the Dems care NOTHING for civil liberties.


    1. No, Joanne, you and the MAGA, Fox News, Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Alt-Right supporters may believe in the values that President Trump or his Party have brought to the US and by extension the world, but the majority of humanity do not. That was evidenced by the derision and laughter President Trump received when he started boasting about his abilities and successes. President Trump is a racist, misogynist, serial harasser and abuser of young women, and a pathological liar who successfully tapped into the Right-wing Christian and Confederate supremacist rage. The US within a generation will have a citizenry that has a majority that is non-white. The age of the “Jim Crow” whether (implicit or explicit) in the US is passing. And although you will control the Supreme Court, Federal Judiciary, and continue to undermine your own government. Your power and that of men like President Trump will fade. The US was built by slaves, immigrants, and women and it was not until The Civil Rights Act of 1964 that those men and women were afforded equal rights in legislation but not in reality. So, if President Trump and his supporters re-write or edit books, educational curriculum and reality for another 40 or 50 years, that will be the world’s cross to bear. But, in the end, secularism, critical thinking, education, and rationality will rule the day. Cheers.


  3. Just saw Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9″… Amazing amount of information that helps clarify why so many Americans voted for Trump. Also, why so many other citizens were so discouraged with the U.S. electoral system *and the Democratic Party, that they didn’t bother to vote at all. Even if you’re not a Michael Moore fan, I highly recommend checking out his movie. (He was one of the few people who actually predicted Trump would win)


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