Delusional Narcissism and the Donald

By Dr David Laing Dawson

It is time to make a prediction, though, as a relatively sane person, I know we can never be one hundred percent sure of anything. Seldom over 70% for that matter.

But here it is:

Donald Trump’s pathology is becoming more and more evident in his off the prompter remarks, his lies and contradictions, his fractured adolescent English and his tweets.

If this simply continues, if the Republicans retain control of House and Senate, and Donald’s popularity does not drop precipitously within his base, then step by step, under cover of the Trump circus, the Trump distraction, America will become worse in all ways. Let me list some of them:

Racial intolerance, racial strife

Women’s reproductive rights, women’s equality, gone

Fascist application of laws

Good health care for fewer and fewer.

Distribution of Wealth even worse

Destruction of the environment

Increasing corruption.

Larger and larger debt

More and more poor and black in prisons

Fewer, poorer welfare programs

Poorer public education

More tribal isolation

More gun violence

Damaged reputation in the rest of the world.

(And the world will suffer because we need a sane and healthy America)

On the other hand Mueller may indict Trump and/or members of his family and inner circle, or we find the Russians do have something on him, or he fires Mueller and sets in motion a constitutional crisis. Whichever way Trump’s presidency comes to an end the problem remains his narcissism.

Each of us may suffer a narcissistic injury from time to time. (a rejection, a loss, a failure, a disappointment). The healthiest among us nurse our wounds, learn from the experience, and become kinder, gentler, more thoughtful people. The more narcissistic flail longer, hurt more, deny longer, blame others, before they give in and learn from the experience. With a little more narcissism they remain hurt for longer, and may develop unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as continuing the blame, seeking revenge, obsessing.

And then we have the supreme narcissist. Usually such a person will organize his or her world to be immune from challenge. Which is perhaps where Donald Trump would be if he hadn’t entered politics – surrounded by sycophants who support his illusion, be king of the resorts and golf courses he owns, print his name in bigger and bigger gold letters, make claims without challenge of being a stable genius who has written many books, and get his name in the news media as often as the Kardashians.

It was quite telling to hear Donald disrespect his own country at the Helsinki meeting. Some called this treasonous. But I think the explanation for this behaviour comes not just from his need to please Putin, but from his narcissism. By that I mean that another president would know that his or her power and status derived in fact from being the elected representative of the Country America and all it’s institutions. Not Trump. His sense of his greatness precedes and exceeds his conferred status as President. He is “Trump”. ( the pun in this is one of those quirks of history)

And that level of delusional narcissism does not suffer injury lightly. He will flail and explode in rage. He will disorganize. He will blame and obsess. He will not go quiet into that good night.

2 thoughts on “Delusional Narcissism and the Donald

  1. Going into that good night will not be quick for him or us. And his flailing could still be catastrophic he should be removed under the category of being unfit to serve. But when is the government going to use that clause under the constitution. Waiting for impeachment is too drawn out a process. Trump will not resign under pressure.


  2. Asylum in Russia?

    Yes ” such a person will organize his or her world to be immune from challenge.” And yes, there is a “need to please Putin.” Perhaps the two are connected. Perhaps when that good night comes he and culpable members of his family will be cosily nested in some dacha near Moscow? A good reason to have unmonitored one-on-one discussions with Putin!


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