Two Short Pieces – Trump Post Mother’s Day

By Dr David Laing Dawson

The United Banana Emirates

When Donald J. Trump brought his son-in-law and his daughter into the White House and gave young Jared something like 5 portfolios, 5 jobs to do, each requiring a full time employee with years of expertise and experience, pundits talked of despots, kingdoms, banana republics and nepotism.

Of course Jared could not do all those jobs, which may have been the point.

Then Mar a Lago became a “Southern White House”, which meant important meetings and government business was being conducted in the potentate’s country estate. There was surprisingly little outcry about this, but it struck me as an important step toward despotism. The president was no longer conducting business from the house of the people, but from his own castle. When the president of Japan visits it is not to the historic house of democracy, but to the wealth and splendour of the King’s castle.

And now two more revelations about the drift to banana status: The President’s personal lawyer, a Michael Cohen, has been selling access to the president for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the very agencies established to protect the citizens and the planet from the excesses, from the greed and corruption of various industries, are now firmly under the control of those industries. That’s Banana Republic 101.

Donald and the ethics of a psychiatric diagnosis

As a physician I should not diagnose, or label, a set of personality traits unless I do it to benefit my patient, to help him or her in some way. But Donald, you do have a narcissistic personality disorder. And knowing this can help you in the following way: You want to be revered, liked, loved at all times, congratulated, fawned over. You love to take credit for all good things that happen. You must undercut all competition for  affection of others. Because of this disorder you can never be fully content. Your ego must be fed again and again.

And there are many who do express their love for you, who will applaud you, defend you, do your bidding without question, fawn over you. And you in turn will shower them with praise, affection, opportunity and money. But Donald, they don’t love you, not really. They are almost as narcissistic as you are. They are just men (and a few women) who will sell their souls for a little second hand limelight, celebrity status, money, and the illusion of power.

You’ve given Giuliani, like an old opera star, a second chance on the stage. You’ve given Pruitt an opportunity to hob nob with the hoi polloi and get rich in the process. For Bannon and Putin you have been a useful idiot. You have given Cohen a chance to smoke cigars, swagger, make deals and get rich without doing much work. And the list goes on.

The point is, Donald, they don’t really love you. Your narcissism renders you vulnerable to praise. And when your ship is sinking they will not be sharing their life vests with you.

4 thoughts on “Two Short Pieces – Trump Post Mother’s Day

  1. The trouble with Donald is that he thinks that he still has many more hands to play, So far not many of his cronies are ditching him . Whether he still has the upper hand is coming into question. We shall see. Let us hope that the opposing poker players have some really good hands.
    This morning in Jerusalem strikes me as the dumbest move he has so far made. And his Barbie doll daughter is playing the role to a “T” Both Arabs and Israelis need a fair shake . SAD sad sad. When a policy makes matters worse only a fool steps in with it . Ken and Barbie are out of their depth. SAD SAD . The whole clan are phoney. Lives depend on this lot!

    The thought of Gillian’s bursting into a Yago aria as Desdemona becomes more vulnerable is troubling. But these people are not for real ! Or are they?


  2. Well said. We who know these things would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the implications of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder with Antisocial traits. Dr. Dawson, it was kind of you to warn him of his vulnerability to those who manipulate him. My concern, however, is what Donald will do when he continues to fail. It’s called the “burn the house down phenomenon.” The phrase comes from the sad story of the boy who somehow developed an overblown sense of entitlement and and self-centered importance. As he wandered the streets one cold wintry night, he saw a family through a big picture window. The family was sitting around a beautiful Christmas tree, laughing and exchanging loving gifts. Instead of feeling happy for the family, he burnt the house down. When Donald’s deeply ingrained maladaptive patterns of behavior inevitably fail, causing discord and chaos, he may resort to frantic destructive measures that burn the house down around us.


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