Arming Teachers

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Samuel L Jackson put the issue quite succinctly:

“Can someone that’s been in a Gunfight tell that Muthafukka that’s Never been in a Gunfight, the flaws of his Arm The Teachers plan??!!”

Reading the comment section on any news item is usually not conducive to mental health or stress reduction. But, sometimes I read a few.

This one caught my eye in the middle of a discussion about the hapless deputy who “Waited behind a pillar for four minutes while the sound of semiautomatic gun fire rang through the school.”

Somebody pointed out the deputy was armed with a handgun and going up against a killer with an AR 15 would be foolish. Then somebody else responded that:

“You’d be surprised how often a single handgun has taken out a nest of machine gunners.”

And that was the comment that intrigued me. For there is only one place anyone could possibly see a man armed with a pistol “take out a nest of machine gunners” even once, let alone often, and that would be in fiction as portrayed on TV, Film and video.

We are watching slippage in those boundaries (reality, reality TV, Fiction) within the citizens, the politicians, and the President of the USA as they promote arming teachers.

They must be envisaging the kinds of shootouts that occur in NCIS LA and other shows every week: The heroes are fearless, often quipping when entering the battle. They are invisible to the bad guys. They shoot with pin point accuracy, from any position and distance. Their bullets never stray. They have invisible Kevlar vests. The bad guys are always easily identified. The bad guys are always terrible shots, even with automatic weapons. Their bullets somehow move slowly enough for the good guys to duck. The bad guys conveniently step away from their cover to be shot. In the end the heroes walk away unscathed, not even emotionally distressed.

Mr. Trump. That is fiction. You are imagining Gary Cooper at High Noon, John Wayne, Stallone, your own adolescent fantasies.

The more guns firing, the more people get killed. The more guns carried the more likely an accidental shooting will occur. Or an unrelated homicide or suicide.

1 thought on “Arming Teachers

  1. Hi David, thanks for your words deconstructing the mind set of the trigger happy. I also saw something telling in the comment you quoted. The commenter does not say a person with a handgun, or well trained person with a hand gun, but says “a single handgun” as if not attached to anything else. This seems so gun centric, as to contradict the gun advocates mantra of “guns don’t kill people…etc.”


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