The Women on the Right

By Dr David Laing Dawson

I am not puzzled by the heavy-set blowhard males who espouse the views of Briebart, Fox News, and the Alt right. I know them. I remember them. They were always loud, obnoxious, dripping with hostility, overcompensating for something: Didn’t make the cut for the football team, passed over for Prom king, snubbed by the prettiest girl in the school, not dumb but certainly not first in the class, never cast in the lead of the school play.

But I have been puzzled by the females espousing the same views. The Ann Coulters of our television. But then I think, maybe I’m being sexist. Maybe I expect women to all be kind, empathetic, generous, inclusive, self-effacing. There is no reason a woman cannot be as selfish and short sighted and loud as a man. After all, their bible was written by a woman, one Ayn Rand.

Okay, adjust your thinking David. A woman has just as much right as a man to be a Roger Ailes, a Sean Hannity, a Glenn Beck, a Bill O’Reilly. Women can be loud, obnoxious, and right wing too.

But my puzzlement has returned, for yet another Fox News commentator has been suspended for “lewd photos sent to female colleagues.”

My puzzlement is not about these men behaving socially and sexually as if their development was arrested at age 14. That goes with the territory. That is where they are.

It is all one and the same. Their sense of white male privilege extends to being lord of the jungle, having ownership of all they survey, and that includes the women folk. And their notion of courtship has always been to display plumage and induce fear.

But why don’t the women recognize this? They are not and will never be equal partners in this right wing endeavor. Hand maids, concubines, and incubators, yes. But not equals.

So I remain puzzled by the women. Unless, of course, they have a plan to get rid of all the blowhard males and take over themselves.


6 thoughts on “The Women on the Right

  1. I think some women are willing to accept their roles as concubines, hand maids and incubators who are subservient to men because they feel that’s the way things should be. I suspect many of the right wing women are as batshit crazy as Michael the black Trump supporter.


  2. ‘right wing’ does not EQUAL loud and obnoxious. The Ann Coulters can be just as juvenile and distasteful as anyone, I do agree – there’s way too much adolescent personal mudslinging going on. But there are MANY ‘right wing’ women who are empathetic, totally non-racist, of EVERY colour ourselves, etc. but who would rather have a world where we are not controlled and choked and big-brothered to death, and we’re sick of being told we are racist/insensitive/elitist, or WHATEVER, just because we cannot swallow the whining of the ‘micro-aggressed’ babies. I’m one of them.


  3. Any woman who has tried to “infiltrate” environments where men have dominated for decades suffer discrimination and abuse. Just look at the stories of females who have tried to become fire fighters, or the ones who wanted to be RCMP officers, or those who enlisted in the armed forces. Their stories of abuse have all been in the news recently. So I would presume, that similarly, any woman entering into the Fox World of the Bill O’Reilly’s would arm themselves accordingly and therefore go forward with the same egregious rhetoric that their male counterparts espouse. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


  4. I have read your article again. Incredibly sexist!! Against men and women. Conservative men do not all have notions of sexual supremacy…just ask them who runs the show at home! There are PLENTY of women who have cracked the capitalist glass ceiling and are fully as powerful as their male counterparts. Enough with the categorizing of conservatives Would you like it if i thought all liberals were quiet, lifeless, beige sweater-wearing, white wine-drinking passive/aggressive sexists? Or are they? If so, no thanks. All my men wear English Leather and have working knowledge of how to work the ignition on a Harley. Have a great day!!


    1. Trust Annick to come up with something useful. Yes we need to look at the genes here! And pray what is Donald THE Trump descended from ..a rabid ……..! Who are those who support him descended from? I am walking on egg shells and the antlers are beginning to sprout.


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