Dump Trump

By Dr David Laing Dawson

If a doctor, teacher, manager, administrator of 70 years of age emailed, announced, or tweeted what Donald Trump just tweeted I would immediately suspect alcohol or frontal lobe dementia. Besides being relieved of his office, or license, his family would take him to a family doctor who might then refer him to either an addiction service or a psychiatrist/neurologist. It would be a striking failure of judgment only plausibly explained by frontal lobe impairment.

With Donald Trump though, this kind of behaviour is not new or unusual. But even a narcissistic misogynistic sociopath might recognize that in the context of being POTUS such a tweet would bring only shame upon his head and reduce, not enhance, his status.

So we have to conclude that either Donald Trump is the same Donald Trump he has always been plus he now has some early dementia, or, his personality disorder is so severe, his ego so fragile, that he cannot stop himself from engaging in a playground (age 14 maybe) retaliation, even when it would be so obviously damaging to him, his family, and his country.

Either diagnosis bodes poorly for the safety of our planet. Please, Republicans, understand this man will take you down with him. It is time to act.

Although, while Trump may be a threat to all things good and sane, from what I see and read, the Republican party in its current form may be an equal or bigger threat to democracy.

3 thoughts on “Dump Trump

  1. As I listened to the stuff around Trump’ sTweets I could only think how to legally dump him. But the nuclear code ( top of my worries) rests with one man above all the others not apparently of concern of the Republican Party. The discussion yesterday avoided this frightening issue. He may not be totally psychotic,but he has too many lose screws( as my mother would say) to be left in charge. Sure apprehension under the Mental health Act could be considered. Impeachment is far too slow a process to restrain Trump in the nick of time.

    I suggest the family get to know the law under the American Mental Health Act fast. Ivanka’s influence has come to a brisk end. For some individual’s one can wait and see, but this person is in the leading seat in the Western World.

    I would not mind being a fly on the Bush wall at this time.


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