Kim Jong-Un Goes to the White House

By Dr David Laing Dawson

In our histories there were times the mad arrogant king could demand that his subjects, especially the Lords and Ladies of his court, prostrate themselves in obedience and offer unlimited praise of his highness. They would do this because to refuse brought about death for themselves and a life of penury or slavery for their families.

To my knowledge Donald Trump does not have such powers (yet). But still his cabinet engaged in such a ritual display before the world. As if from a script they each in turn offered the same words of honour and subservience, rounding off with a fantastical account of the state of the nation, the world, and their particular spheres of influence, and indebtedness to his majesty.

I could only listen to a few of these and perhaps, maybe, someone in the circle diverged from the script later. The last to speak I listened to described such a delusional world view I could watch no more.

This is not something we should be watching in a democracy. Perhaps North Korea, or Saudi Arabia, not America. The penalty for not complying, of thinking for themselves, of being principled and honest is not death. At least not yet. Where is their pride? Where is their courage?

More importantly, if they do not find this courage soon, the day may come when the penalty for disobedience will be death and a life of penury for their children

2 thoughts on “Kim Jong-Un Goes to the White House

  1. I watched the whole nauseating thing.

    In my view the body language and facial expressions on a couple of the faces told a different story. But the others looked besotted and faithful so far to their ‘dear leader’ Not yet doing the goose step ! Horrifying!
    Jumping ship seems unlikely.

    The Sessions session performance ( yesterday) was worthy of Uriah Heap himself… ever so humble ,but then one also saw how angry Sessions can become under that obsequious smile. One despairs .

    I still say follow the money. I could be wrong they no doubt are good at money laundering. Oh tax returns where are they?


  2. I agree completely with what you have said. My strong suspicion about Trump is that he is a remarkably mentally and culturally unsophisticated product of a highly sophisticated system. One that he lacks the intellectual background, experience and education, to properly interpret and thus utilize as it was ideally meant to be understood and used. in that sense he is likely a leading example of a systemic intervention, made in the systemic equivalent of the ancient idea of “imago dei”, except for the fact that such sophistication as to process, when applied to a deficient mind can have a dangerous “fun house mirror” effect, and can produce the aberrant political “freak show” that we are now witnessing having seized control of Washington. Unfortunately, as you suggest, despite “deep state” controls, it is conceivable that a “King”, with sufficient and powerful enough following, might come along who by means of his misguided minions is capable of “hacking” those “deep state” controls and utilizing that same system, and its potential for extreme systemic interventions, to create an extremist condition far worse than that which prevails in Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea, and which North Korea’s paranoia has feared might overwhelm them, ever since the 1950s war. In that sense George Orwell was the prophet of the West, warning of that future. Warnings that he was able to provide because he had extremely privileged knowledge from his own time, and not a vision of its future potential as some have so readily assumed. In that sense considering the degree of political deformity being created, as extensively as it appears to be, within the “hardware and software” systemically advanced United States, there seems remarkably little hope for human freedoms and any genuine liberty, into that future along current trends. What happens when systemic advances are in effect deified, and social and psycho-political engineering proceed without sufficient consideration for the Trump effect, as to mental and cultural limitations creating the types of deformations of understanding and actions that should have been predicted as probable effects of a system that greatly exceeds any averages of human understanding, molding and shaping substandard, essentially very deficient, materials into what become monstrously deformed shapes.


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