You’re Wonderful, Mr. Trump, But War is a Really Bad Thing.

By Dr David Laing Dawson

I apologize for being so obsessed with Donald Trump but with the doomsday clock being closer to midnight than ever before, with a rekindling of cold war tensions, with Noam Chomsky worried, the arid lands expanding, the oceans rising, this one incompetent man is in a position to do extraordinary harm to our planet.

However, an aspect of his personality seems to be emerging that I had not guessed would be there. Despite his bluster, his threats, his word salad provocations, when someone meets with him face to face he quickly backs down, changes his “mind”.

General Mattis convinced him that maybe torture was not a good thing. Someone else explained to him that health care systems are complicated. Someone else explained NATO to him and that perhaps it is not so obsolete after all. Trump meets with the President of China and China is no longer a currency manipulator. And now phone calls from Justin Trudeau and Enrique Pena Nieto have caused him to pass on withdrawing from NAFTA.

Which means several things:

  1. That bluster of confidence and narcissism is a thin veneer.
  2. A very insecure man lies beneath.
  3. Above all he wants to be liked, loved, respected.
  4. Face to face he quickly backs down.

So this means to keep our world safe and secure, the adults in the room need merely take him aside and talk to him. And others not in the room should finagle an invitation to Mar a Lago.

Unfortunately it also means that when his bluster and off-the-cuff proposals align with the self-interest of the only adults in the room they are unlikely to have that talk with him.

So America is stuck with a massive increase in military spending, fewer regulations, much less environmental protection, more tax breaks and benefits for billionaires, some fracking here and there, a little more oil and coal, a little less wild life, a few more guns – and those boys in uniform we call The Military, well, they may get to play with a few of their favorite toys. (Such as the MOAB and Tomahawks)

Then I watched “At Issue” on CBC. And although the panel on CBC is so much more gracious, thoughtful, and polite than any counterpart on CNN, they still seek meaning and planning in the words of Donald Trump. Like he actually thought these things out. Like he actually plans his flip-flops. As if he might actually be two moves ahead on the chessboard. NO. Just listen carefully to any extended interview. He knows almost nothing. He has no plan. He has no convictions. He cannot sustain a thought of any complexity.

He’s like a kid who once took an angry swipe at his pile of blocks, causing them to break the jar on the counter, which then poured chocolate jellybeans upon him. He spends his life trying to repeat this. I think the shrinks call it repetition-compulsion.

But here is the silver lining and my advice to all sane, sensible, reasonable, liberal, thoughtful leaders in this world. Don’t react to his tweets, his bluster. Don’t engage through media. Meet him face to face. Show him respect. Then tell him, respectfully, what he should do, and why. And smile all the while.

Justin, I think you are just the right man for this assignment.


3 thoughts on “You’re Wonderful, Mr. Trump, But War is a Really Bad Thing.

  1. You have no need to apologize for any “obsession” with President Trump and his administration. Frankly, he is the most dangerous man to hold power in the West in my lifetime. He has singlehandedly given licence for racists, bigots, holocaust deniers, and all other manner of vile right and left wing extremists to feel free in voicing their hate through the press, internet, speech, discrimination, legislation and violence. The South who was finally forced to remove the Confederate Flag, monuments to the confederacy, and other symbols of hate is not merely reverting to their past but are even more emboldened in implementing their version of history on every level from “academia” at Bob Jones University, Liberty University, or BYU, but also in both state and federal legislation. President Trump has dismantled the specialist FBI (and other) units that were tracking white supremacist, Christian extremist, and home grown militia/terrorist organizations in the US. As a result, the Southern Poverty Law Centre (and other NGOs) have found that the aforementioned criminal organizations are growing at an alarming rate because of President Trump’s tacit support. Not to mention that his main advisor is Steve Bannon, a man who has built his fortune and power on hate and extremist conservative agendas.
    President Trump like most bigots, ethically and/or intellectually challenged individuals backs down when he faces direct and focused opposition. But, that does not eliminate or mitigate the damage he is and will cause to the USA and the world. Sad to say that had PM Justin Trudeau, PM Teresa May, and the rest of the Western Leaders had stood up to him, his family, supporters, and administration in November 2016, we would not be facing the unhinged reality that is the world according to President Trump. We can call President Trump a coward and bully but what do we call those Western leaders that stood by and let this all happen?


    1. Clearly he is very dangerous. And as Dawson says

      “NO. Just listen carefully to any extended interview. He knows almost nothing. He has no plan. He has no convictions. He cannot sustain a thought of any complexity.” not that I think that Mr trump suffers from manic depression , I think that one of the techniques required to change the train of thought for someone who does have mania, is to change the subjects often at lightening speed, to stop them acting on a fast fleeting dangerous or risky thought.

      Stopping Trump from acting on any of his thoughts and lies is probably by baffling him with everything under the sun. May the very few competent people around him have a handle on the tiller . But then again the inexperienced Trump family members with a direct ear to trump are scary . They clearly hold too much sway.. Hopefully he will be removed by legal means soon. But bullshit has baffled many brains.


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