We are Now in Big Trouble

by Dr David Laing Dawson

The other evening Mr. Tapper of CNN came out directly and asked the following question: Does Mr. Trump know the difference between the truth and a lie? Does he say these things as strategic gambits, all the while knowing they are falsehoods, in some cases outrageous falsehoods, or is he incapable of knowing the difference? This dichotomy suggests either he lies nastily and without regard for any semblance of truth as a political strategy, a gimmick, a distraction, or he is incapacitated.

Neither answer is very reassuring. And if this is an incapacity what is the nature of it?

There is a simple and consistent answer to this question. Pathological narcissism.

Trump’s lies are responses to that which his inflated ego cannot accept. All information, evidence, facts that suggest Trump is not supreme, the best, the most popular is unacceptable to him and therefore must be denied or rebuffed with “alternative facts”. Any successes or glory he does achieve must be revisited, replayed, exaggerated over and over again.

The fact Donald Trump’s narcissism is extreme enough to require this level of denial of reality (the size of the crowds, the “3 – 5 million illegal votes”, murder rate, wire taps) means it is incapacitating. He is incapacitated.

His lies, his tweets, are not even bounded by plausibility. They will continue, grow more outrageous, and dissolve in a wild lashing out.

Unfortunately Kim Jong Un and the excited commentary on American television may be providing Mr. Trump a way to lash out and destroy. And then, which I am sure aligns with an image in his head, he can stand akimbo in his great black coat upon the scorched battlefield like a Vulcan God.

6 thoughts on “We are Now in Big Trouble

  1. The trump ‘performance’ or does he really not know the difference between lies and truth is frightening and should be to everybody. but his followers still do not get it… or perhaps some of the replicants are just gambling that they in the end will have their hands on the ultimate reins in time . I for one think their approach is far too risky. Some republicans are at least speaking out . there need to be more of them !


    1. “Perhaps some of the replicants are just gambling that they in the end will have their hands on the ultimate reins in time.” see, it’s a communicable condition! Or maybe it’s just a visible sign of the already pandemic Wetiko Virus?


  2. Unfortunately Xi Jinping worries me far more than Donald Trump could possibly worry me. The repeatedly reiterated assertion that China is embarked on the “long march”, across the globalized “battlefield” to a “Marxist Leninist Socialist” global victory, as it rises to being the world’s dominant economic and military power, is enough to cause Donald Trump’s alleged short comings to pale in comparison beneath that globalized shadow. Xi seems to want to be a giant, along with Hitler and Stalin. Can Trump actually compete with that ?

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    1. Stay tuned to Big Time World Conflict, next week for the first time in the ring at one time Jinping the wakened dragon Xi goes land sea and air against the hugely greatest Donnie small hands Trump. Tickets available from THE SPECTACLE TICKET OFFICE, now lets go to the dressing rooms and have a talk with Missy Ivanka.


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