Hillary Clinton’s Emails, Anthony Weiner’s computer and the Orange Buffoon.

By Dr David Laing Dawson

The other day one of the granddaughters was looking at photos on her mother’s I Phone. As children do these days, she was deftly handling the electronic device, not the least amazed at the touch screen, flipping one photo to the side to view the next. I asked her where she thought the photos went when she “slid” them to the side. Without hesitation she pointed to the side of the device as if there were a tiny drawer available. “Down there,” she said.

I asked an adult the same question, and she stumbled out an answer about going back to the hard drive, but was clearly unsure what was actually happening on that little screen.

And then I watched some news reports about the Clinton emails found on Weiner’s computer which may or may not be significant. CNN reported that the FBI was using some special FBI software to examine the emails, and that it could take weeks. And then people wondered how those emails could have gotten on his computer, “thousands” of them apparently. It was or may have been a laptop shared by Weiner and his then wife, Hillary’s assistant.

And off we go. Listening to the panels discuss this made me think of my granddaughter’s concept of those pictures sliding back into a drawer. Very few adults seem to have any real understanding of modern digital electronics.

Hillary communicated via email with her assistant daily. Having passed through a couple of servers, this digital code would arrive on whatever computer had or contained the recipient’s address, account, and password. The program being used would translate this back to the original English. Either Weiner and his wife shared the laptop, or he added her email account to his computer without her knowing.

Then we have the Special FBI equipment that will take weeks to sort through the emails.

Good Grief.

Type in the word “classified” and click on Search. Add a few other key words if you want.

Then quickly tell us what you find before this orange buffoon called Donald J. Trump manages to sneak past the finish line.

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