One Last Appeal to the American Voters

By Dr David Laing Dawson

In 4 years 5 of my grandchildren will be in their teens, one turning six and another will be 21. For America and the world to be in a better place 4 years from now the following spheres of American reality must improve or, at at the very least, not get worse:

1. gun control

2. race relations

3. access to health care

4.  public education

5.  access to college and universities

6.  infrastructure

7. police practices re gun use

8.  reliance on Prisons

9.  access to mental health care

10.  a pathway to citizenship for current illegal immigrants.

11. treatment and rehabilitation response to addictions.

12.  the respect and trust of world leaders and the citizens of other countries.

13. Play a large and important role in all world organizations.

14. Participation in the containment and eventual elimination of ISIS/ISIL

15. Participation in the stabilization of unstable countries.

16. Help end the civil war in Syria.

17. Participation in finding solutions to current migrant/refugee problems facing much of the world.

18.  the use of renewable energy sources, reduce reliance on oil and coal, or invest heavily in the development of scalable technologies for the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, or both.

19.  income equality. Improve minimum wage. Increase tax rates and tax recovery on the wealthy, individual and corporation. Recover tax from tax havens. Close loopholes that allow avoidance by the wealthy.

20. Work with international agencies to control nuclear proliferation and ultimately reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons.


Non-Americans are often appalled at the grandiosity and Jingoism voiced at times by American citizens. USA, USA, USA. But the truth is the entire world needs a good and healthy and influential United States of America. We need you to live up to your ideals.

We need you to be stable, and one of the adults in the room. I doubt the world could survive four years of deteriorating alliances, economic recession, more violence, an increasing gap between the 1% and the rest, policies built on ignorance and bluster, denial of global warming, and the angry impulsive use of nuclear weapons.

So read that list again, remove a few if you would like, add a couple more, and ask yourself which candidate for president, if elected, is most likely to improve most of those issues, or, at the very least, not make matters worse, far worse.



2 thoughts on “One Last Appeal to the American Voters

  1. I would like to add something to this list, that is appropriate funding of scientific research into all neurological diseases. We are on the cusp of finding a cure for the awful suffering of schizophrenia and related brain diseases.

    Lets get serious about scientific investigation into human brain diseases. The whole world would rejoice, and even join us.


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