Je Suis Charlie

cartoonBy Marvin Ross and Dr David Laing Dawson

As a journalist, on more than one occasion, I’ve been threatened with legal action for what I’ve written. And that is fair game for my often controversial articles. I once even had someone write a letter of complaint and cancel her subscription to a magazine because she objected to an article I did on hemorrhoids – yes piles because my lede said “ever since man began walking upright….”  I hurt her religions sensibilities and I have hurt the sensibilities of those who do not like psychiatric medications and some of them have called me some pretty nasty stuff. But the complaints against my writing have never gone farther than that.

And in our blog post on homegrown terror, Dr Dawson said “But at a certain low and troubled time in his life, how is a young man to know that this charismatic ordained bearded father with an ancient text under his arm, promising brotherhood, glory, certainty — is really a murderous psychopath?”

And, as Dawson’s blog on Sony and North Korea said:

“Of all the freedoms we have in our western democracies, the one we should prize the most is our freedom to poke fun at, to satirize, to lampoon, (and to seriously criticize) our leaders and our deities. It is by this freedom that all the others are protected. And so it is this freedom that deserves the most vociferous protection, the most careful vigilance, the strongest defense. It is this freedom that every would-be dictator first erodes (e.g. Russia, Turkey), and it is this freedom that allows us to become more than vassals, serfs, slaves, and supplicants.”

We must continue to tell the truth as we see it and to satirize for not to means that we have given in to terror and abandoned our freedoms.

RIP all the victims of terror everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Je Suis Charlie

  1. Gentle satire like the drawing above invites us to reflect on situations that are not always easily handled by opposite sides, but the ferocious ( as Charb.himself said) barbs that Charlie Hebdo delivered had been asking for deadly confrontations all along..
    They were cynical , arrogant,anarchists, and yet we must stand behind them, ! ! they are now martyrs in our eyes. ! The two holed up in the printing shop are also hoping to become other people’s eyes ! How is this going to end ??


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